7 Tips to look sexy in your college life


College days area unit the special time of your life that you just can keep in mind forever. have you ever ever considered what makes faculty life thus special?

From the care and kindness of your oldsters and academics to the love of your buddies; and from the golden chance of obtaining valuable data to the prospect of getting a beautiful career, you’re on the receiving aspect all the time.So here area unit few tips to rule out your collage life.


Define Your Fashion

Looking fabulous with scare resources is extremely abundant potential.However, you’ve got to outline your fashion vogue. Most students area unit fixed within the major brands like Greek deity sneakers, Hermes purses and to use heap of jewelry; as they’re getting to vie with Emma Watson or Tom Felton. but this perception isn’t correct. you’ll meet all the style standards while not disbursement on such extravagant things. Moreover, you’ve got to know that exploitation a lot of fashion stuff at a time, isn’t the key to appear attractive.


Students area unit superb at developing and managing their finances, thus why to not develop your fashion budget? You simply ought to portion fraction of your financial gain or spending money for the grooming stuff.Money is yours and then is that the alternative, however I simply need to advise you to portion your finance for the acquisition of stuff that you just actually need. conjointly like quality stuff that may last for a minimum of few months.

3. Focus On Durability – Make Sure Your Clothes Last “Long Enough”.

focus On Durability

From the just about disposable garments provided by quick fashion, to the immortal tailored items with a a lot of classic bit, you wish to form positive your investment can last long enough. what’s “long enough”?This means the garments should be sturdy for regarding 3-4 years that may assist you to pay less cash.


Irrespective of that you just love branded vesture stuff or not, you’ve got to know that sporting named whole vesture isn’t the sole thanks to look fabulous. Yes, I agree that notable fashion brands set the direction of fashion trends but if you browse, there area unit another firms World Health Organization turn out high category vesture at a way a lot of cheap worth. this is often for whom? It is for you and Pine Tree State. All we want to understand that we are able to live while not brands.

5. Focus On Interchangeability In Your Wardrobe

I’m positive you’re aware of the notion of interchangeableness once applied to fashion. except for World Health Organization of you is unaccustomed this idea, here it’s in a very nutshell: you wish to make a wardrobe of fine quality garments, which may work well with each other.

Interchangeable Wardrobe 2

Imagine you own three absolutely interchangeable business-casual outfits. every outfit has one sweater, one shirt, and one garment. assumptive you may absolutely interchange these 3 things, your variety of total outfits becomes 3x3x3 = twenty seven.

This means that you just will wear a special outfit every day for pretty much a month!

This was simply a fast example however once finding this small maths drawback with numbers from a true wardrobe, you start to understand however the quantity of total outfit blows up in no time.

6. Do NOT Underestimate the Power of Vintage Stores

vintage clothes

Yes. You scan it.Vintage stores! I seriously believe it’s become common observe to underestimate vintage stores, or something like that – thrift outlets, ectoparasite markets, vintage fairs, second-hand outlets and then on and then forth.

When folks see a vintage store, they in real time build one huge mistake. which is, they’re inclined to assume that sporting the vintage garment would be equal to admitting you can’t afford to buy at the shop which would somehow downgrade your standing, or cause you to look less modern.

When I see a vintage store, I see art. I see hibernated artworks that area unit looking forward to somebody to bring them back to life. you wish to possess the vision, the center to require that recent piece, beware of it, embrace it in your wardrobe, combine it with the new stuff you own and wear it proudly.

7. Learn How To Take Care of Your Clothes

At now, i feel a pleasant and in depth decision to your mommy is due.

You want to master the art of taking care of your garments as in a way to properly wash them, brush them or apply products (e.g. animal skin spray – I willnot begin to inform you ways necessary it’s for your animal skin garments! and the way it’ll increase the quantity of wears that you just can get out of them!).

And to be honest, is there somebody that is aware of this sort of stuff higher than moms? No. Period.


The means you are taking care of your garments can say one thing regarding however long they’ll last. And this becomes crucial once – for obvious reasons – generally you’ve got to compromise alittle little bit of quality to form positive you won’t drain your pockets.

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